Tech for Change - HKSTP Leasing & Operation Efficiency

The accelerator for HKSTP to enhance our Leasing and Operation Efficiency in the park

About the Accelerator

Since 2002, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation ('HKSTP') has cultivated successful Innovation and Technology (I&T) companies, formed strong local and international partnership networks and created a thriving community within HKSTP. We have 13,000+ people in the HKSTP community, covering 840+ technologies companies and 9,000+ R&D practitioners across 24 regions. 
We strive for continuous improvement. We embrace change for betterment.
TECH FOR CHANGE is the accelerator for HKSTP
to enhance our Leasing and Operation Efficiency in the park. 
If you may have solutions to tackle our needs, please
Registration Deadline: 23 Oct 2020 | 23:59 HKT

We are exploring solutions for


Leasing, Contract and Document Management
  • Remote Site Visit
  • Automatic Site Visit Booking System
  • Self Services / Automatic Services Tenants Center
  • Dynamic Leasing Management System

MICE Management
  • Remote Site Visit
  • Dynamic Booking System
  • Security and Asset Management System
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